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2 Egg on a Bagel
2 Eggs with Cheese on a Roll or Bagel
2 Eggs with Meat on a Roll or Bagel
2 Eggs, Cheese, and Meat (Ham or Bacon or Sausage) on a Roll or Bagel 

Morning Special - Free Coffee ( ~11am / Mon. ~ Fri.)

2 Eggs, Cheese, and Meat on a Bagel + Free coffee

Lunch Special - Free Can Soda (Mon. ~ Fri.)

Today Special sandwich on a Bagel + Free Can Soda
Today Special sandwich on a Hero + Free Can Soda 

Fresh Bagel

Hand-rolled & Kettle Boiled bagels
Plain / Cinnamon Raisin / Sesame / Everything / 7 Grain / Whole Wheat Everything / Egg / Pumpernickel / Onion / Poppy seed / Salt / Chocolate / Garlic / Whole wheat / Blueberry

Plain Bagel
Everything Bagel
Rainbow Belly Bagel
Gluten-Free Bagel 

Smoked Salmon on a Bagel
Smoked Salmon on a Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese
Smoked Salmon on a Bagel with Flavor Cream Cheese

Plain Cream Cheese on Bagel
Flavor Cream Cheese on Bagel
Cream Cheese: Scallion / Blueberry, Strawberry / Olive’s / Walnut Raisin / Sun-Dried Tomato / Jalapeno / Bacon / Rainbow / Apple Cinnamon / Pineapple Almond / Mango Cranberry


Vegetable Omelet Platter

Meat Lover Omelet Platter

Weight Watcher Platter

Healthy Turkey Omelet Platter

D Amore Omelet Platter


Hamburger (Beef or Turkey)

Meat Sandwich $7.95 (Served with lettuce and tomato)
Roast Beef / Corned Beef / Pastrami / Roasted Turkey Breast / Smoked Turkey / Roasted Chicken Breast / Deluxe Ham / Pepperoni

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches (Served with lettuce and tomato)
Grilled Chicken Breast / Breaded Chicken Breast / Teriyaki Chicken Breast / Pesto Chicken Breast / B.B.Q Chicken Breast / Chipotle Chicken Breast

Salad Sandwiches
Egg Salad / Egg White Salad / Tuna Salad / Italian Tuna Salad / Chicken Salad / White Fish Salad / Baked Salmon Salad

Combo Box 

Western Box
3Eggs / Ham / White American cheese / Peppers / Onion / Hash brown / Avocado with Toasted bagel

Belly Box
3Eggs / Feta cheese / Spinach / Tomato / Black olive / Hash brown & Avocado with Toasted bagel

American Box
Roast Beef / American Cheese / Lettuce / Tomato /Onion / Mayo On a Roll with Pickle & Potato Chip

Italian Box
Salami / Ham / Roasted Red Pepper /Lettuce / Tomato / Onion on a Hero with Pickle & Potato Chip

Ham & Cheese Box
Ham / Swiss Cheese / Lettuce / Tomato / Onion / Mayo on a Roll with Pickle & Potato Chip

Vegetarian Box
7 Grain Bread / Hummus / Lettuce / Tomato / Avocado / Onion with Pickle & Potato Chip

East Village Nova Box
ACME smoke salmon / Capers / Cream Cheese / 2Eggs White / Hash brown / Avocado with Toasted bagel


Fresh Smoothie 

Iced Coffee & Tea

Hot Coffee & Te

Latte & Cappuccino

Catering Menus

We Specialize in Small and Corporate Events Catering for Breakfast & Lunch. Please Call 212- 353-2299

Belly Bagel Platter
Assorted Hand Rolled Bagels, 2 Homemade Cream Cheese, Butter & Jelly

Bagel & Coffee Platter
Assorted Hand Rolled Bagels,2 Homemade Cream Cheese , Butter & Jelly with Freshly Brewed Coffee

Bagels & Pastries Platter
Assorted Hand Rolled Bagels, Pastries, Muffins, Butter, Jelly , Choose 2 Cream Cheese with Freshly Brewed Coffee

Continental Breakfast Platter NO.1
With a fine selection of Muffins, Danishes, Croissants and Fresh Bagels with choice of 3 Cream Cheeses

Gourmet Cold Cut Sandwiches Platter
Choice of Boar’s Head Cold Cut Meat & Cheese, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cole Slow, Hand Rolled Freshly Bagels or Variety of Bread & Wraps, Pickles, Potato Chips, Soda and Freshly Brewed Coffee or Tea, Fresh Carved Fruit Platter

Smoked Salmon Platter
Smoked Salmon, Assorted Hand Rolled Bagels, Onion & Capers, Tomato, Cream Cheese, Butter

Cookies Platter

Cheese Platter
A fine selection of Cheeses served various Cracker

Salad Platter
A fine selection of Cheeses & meat served with various Toppings, Lettuce / Spinach / Mixed Green

Fresh Carved Fruit Platte
Sliced Seasonal fresh fruits

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